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1.Piles (Bawaseer) - also known as Hemorrhoids are engorged veins in the anal canal which can prolapse outside the anus /bleed.

Symptoms of piles -
  • A. Mass coming out from anal canal
  • B. Bleeding after / during passing stools
  • C. Itching anal canal
Treatment modalities -
  • A. Laser haemandoplasty: effective ablation of piles results in less post olerative pain with no cuts / stitches with excellent healing. It is a day care procedure.
  • B. Haemanhoidolexy : internal ligation of piles with no pain and early recovery.
  • C. Stapler haemanhoidolexy : day care procedure
    Early recovery
    No pain / post operatively
  • D. Open haemanhoidectomy : ligation and excision of piles surgically.

2.Fistula in (Bhagander) - It is a fistulous tract between anal canal and skin with recurrent infections and discharge.

Treatment -
  • A. Laser ablation of fistula tract with lowest recurrence rate and early recovery.
  • B. Fixcision - excision of straight tract with specific type of round cutting edges blades.
  • C. Removal of Fistula, suitable for straight tracts only.

3.Fistulotomy & Fistulectomy - Surgical excision / lay open of fistula tract with secondary healing.

4.Pilonidal sinus - Blind tract with discharge of Pus in the lower back in gluteal cleft.

Treatment :
  • A. Laser ablation: excellent results, day care procedure with early recovery.
  • B. Surgical excision : with healing by secondary intetion
  • C. Surgical excision with rhomboid pearl. Reconstructive surgery procedure

5.Fissure in ( Nasoor)

Symptoms :
  • A. Pain after & during passing of stools
  • B. Bleeding per rectum
  • C. During sensation in anal canal
Treatment :
  • A. Laser sphincteomy (No pain / no stitches | Early recovery)
  • B. Surgical internal sphinctertomy

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